El Toro Zoysia Plugs
El Toro Zoysia Plugs
El Toro Zoysia Plugs
El Toro Zoysia Plugs
El Toro Zoysia Plugs
El Toro Zoysia Plugs

El Toro Zoysia Plugs

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Sales begin on 6/16/2024.  If we run out of inventory, we will be adding more almost daily.

El Toro Zoysia Plugs - The Perfect Solution for Your Lush Green Lawn!

- Premium Quality: Our El Toro Zoysia Plugs are meticulously grown with utmost care, ensuring the highest standards of quality and health for your lawn.
- Dense and Durable: Experience a dense and robust lawn as El Toro Zoysia forms a thick turf that can withstand heavy foot traffic and recover quickly from wear and tear.
- Stunning Appearance: Transform your yard into a picturesque landscape with the deep green color of El Toro Zoysia, enhancing the overall beauty of your outdoor space.
- Low Maintenance: Enjoy a hassle-free lawn with El Toro Zoysia, as it requires minimal mowing and watering compared to other grass varieties, saving you time and effort.
- Heat and Drought Tolerant: El Toro Zoysia is renowned for its exceptional ability to thrive in hot and dry climates, making it an ideal choice for areas with challenging weather conditions.
- Weed and Pest Resistant: Say goodbye to pesky weeds and insects invading your lawn. El Toro Zoysia's dense growth naturally suppresses weeds and minimizes pest infestations.
- Versatile Adaptability: Whether your lawn receives full sun or partial shade, El Toro Zoysia adapts remarkably well, ensuring consistent growth and coverage in various light conditions.
- Environmental Benefits: By choosing El Toro Zoysia, you contribute to a greener planet as this grass variety requires less water and chemical inputs, making it eco-friendly.
- Easy Installation: Our El Toro Zoysia Plugs come ready for planting, making the installation process simple and straightforward. Just prepare your soil, insert the plugs, and watch them thrive!

El Toro Zoysia is a variety of Zoysia Japonica, great for growing in USDA hardiness zones 6-10.   We recommend 12" spacing when planting our plugs, but of course you can plant them as close or as far apart as you want.  The closer you plant plugs, the shorter the time that it takes for them to fill in.  

Why plugs? Sod is very expensive and extremely labor intensive, while seed is very tedious and can take up to two years to establish and mature.  Our plugs are simply put, probably the easiest plugs on the market to install because they're the same size and shape of the ProPlugger tool.  Do you want to plant square plugs in round holes?  We don't want it for you either.  Don't even bother trying to use those augers or square plugging tools!

  Find ProPlugger tool here

El Toro Zoysia:

  •  Dark green color with excellent drought tolerance
  •  Superior spread rate and shade tolerance
  •  Early Spring green up and late color retention in Fall
  •  Rapid establishment rate
  •  Slow vertical growth for less mowing
  •  Lower nutritional requirements than bermudagrass
  •  Full sun to partial shade
  •  2" diameter and 2" deep plugs that fit the ProPlugger planting tool
  •  Each unit of order is 38 plugs which is one of our grow trays
  •  State restrictions, cannot ship to AK, AZ, CA, CO, HI, KS, OR, NM, NV and WA

Each unit of order is 1 grow tray (38 Large plugs) and covers about 52 square feet when spaced at 12" apart.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 64 reviews
Jason Beene
Great looking plugs

Plugs arrived great. Looks great, super healthy. They were grown together in the trays, some roots even growing out of the bottom. I ordered these to fill.in some bare spots in my front lawn due to my error. I have another apot i never sodded and will.order another 15+ trays for it instead of sod after seeing these plugs.

james tieman
Better than the rest!!!!

Healthiest, easiest to plant, and quickest shipping. I won’t go anywhere else from now on.
Now that the cold weather is here I can see that all the plugs at least doubled in size.

Jonathan Measamer
Fast shipping, great product already spreading

Tried others, so far this is the only company that delivers what they promise.

D. T.

I love zoysia grass, period!

David Sides
Great experience!

My experience with NC Grass Plugs and El Toro Zoysia plugs has been outstanding! Once I placed my order, it was received in a couple of days in perfect condition. I also purchased the plugging tool which made getting the plugs in the ground extremely simple. The plugs are growing in the bare spots where I placed them, and I'm getting ready to place another order. I had some questions about my current zoysia and the responses were immediate and extremely helpful. I'm very thankful I found this resource!