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EnviroPlex™ is a soil conditioner containing 22% humic acid, which can increase the uptake of micronutrients. This product contains the highest concentration of humic acid that we carry.

  • One gallon covers up to 42,600 sq ft
  • Excellent carbon source
  • Supports soil microbial activity
  • Great for increasing water and nutrient holding capacity in soils over time

Product Description:
EnviroPlex is a unique, highly concentrated liquid organic soil conditioner produced from a proprietary humate extraction process. EnviroPlex contains 22% humic acids derived from leonardite ore. These humates have an extremely high cation exchange capacity (CEC) that is several times higher than soil organic matter. Humic acids have the proven ability to hold positively charged ions such as potassium, calcium, magnesium, iron, and manganese, as well as several other metal nutrients. This effect allows EnviroPlex to chelate metal nutrients and increase nutrient availability to the plant.

In addition, the high concentration of carbon in EnviroPlex helps stimulate and enhance microbial activity. Stimulated microbes improve nutrient cycling, organic matter digestion, and other beneficial processes within the soil. This is particularly beneficial in sandy soils.

Available in multiple sizes: Size options on this item are One Quart and 1-Gallon
1 Single Gallon (128 oz)= covers 42,600 sq ft
4 Single Gallons (512 oz)= covers 170,400 sq ft

Application Information:

Apply through fertigation, root injection, or conventional spray. It may be applied alone or tank-mixed with other products. EnviroPlex can be applied at any time during the growing season for cool and warm-season lawns.

This can be used on all grass types, including the following:
Cool Season Lawns - Kentucky Bluegrass, Turf Type Tall Fescue (all fescues), Ryegrass.
Warm Season Lawns - Bermuda, St Augustine, Zoysia, Centipede, Bahia.

 Coverage 42,600 sq ft at the rate of 3 oz per 1,000 sq ft
21,300 sq ft at the rate of 6 oz per 1,000 sq ft
Application  Details Mix 3 to 6 oz. diluted in 1 to 2 gallons of water per 1,000 sq. ft. Apply monthly during the growing season.

Water-In  Instructions

Treatments should be watered in with a minimum ¼” of irrigation or rain

  • Label: EnviroPlex info
  • Package Includes: One or four-gallon(s) based on selection
  • Storage: Store between 40°-120°F. Avoid direct heat or fire. Decomposition may occur at high temperatures. Avoid Freezing.

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